6 Ways You Could Save Energy in the Workplace

While there are plenty of industries trying really hard to reduce their carbon footprint, it still stands to reason that each company still has to do their fair share yet. There are plenty of energy saving tips floating around here online but here are some of the most effective ways you can get your workplace operating to form a peak, energy-conscious zone.

Energy Audit

The best way to identify how much energy you’re wasting and how much you could be conserving is to do an energy audit that would help evaluate your energy efficiency. This means that you could also keep track of your efforts as the months go by!


Make use of as many windows as you can during daytime hours. Most people tend to avoid this because the glare can be quite irritating. But by investing in commercial and office window tinting you can dim that glare and also reduce the amount of heat that can enter. As for artificial lighting, make it a point to put up notices over rooms advising employees to switch off the lights but just in case that doesn’t get through, and the employees slip up, then you can invest in a sensor like the occupancy monitoring sensor.


Before you spend money on your ventilation and heating system, it would be a great idea to check for any issues, cracks and essentially any source of draughts. You’ll also want to make it a point to clean up or patch up skylights, windows, doors etc.


Like the above mentioned lights do need to be switched off when not in use, the same applies for all other computers and equipment in the office too. Some appliances continue to draw electricity even when plugged in and not in use so it’s best that you switch off the necessary mains. It would also help to have them regularly maintained so that you’ll have them running in peak form and as efficiently as possible.  Also, when it comes to choosing your appliances and equipment, always make the more energy friendly choice. For example, desktops tend to use far more energy so you’ll be better off investing in company laptops instead.

Solar Panels

This is definitely a solid investment for companies as, even though installation can be a bit pricey, it supplies plenty of free electricity over the years that definitely helps ease wasteful energy consumption while reducing utility bills.

Going Green

If you’re wondering how planting more trees could possibly save up energy, just think of it this way. Trees are rather cooling and offer plenty of shade if you have enough of them, therefore reduce the need for mechanical cooling. They also help you do your part in reducing your carbon footprint so make it an active point to plant as many as you can around your building and have it regularly maintained.

These are the best ways you can save energy and be more sustainable as a business in the hustle and bustle of a busy workplace.

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