Backup Energy Power- Should You Make an Investment or Rent It?

Whether you are a business running a company with 20-50 employees, or an event organizer organizing events and parties- electricity plays a vital role in each. For instance, a day without can power can bring your ongoing party and even the workstation to suddenly stop. Hence, it could ruin a movement. 

Therefore, one looks into having a generator to assure a continuous supply of power. However, one gets caught in investing in a generator. Now, the real question is whether to buy a generator or to rent it? Before making a purchase, one should determine the amount of energy required, and the size of the generator needed.

Once you have this data, consider these factors and make a decision.

Is it good to buy a generator or, rent it?

  • Suppose you are getting the generator for your business. How often does the property require a power backup? Because the firms are connected to the local power supply, so, it is most likely that there will be power throughout. Thus, it is very rare, that due to some circumstances or repairs, there are chances for a power cut. Hence, it would seem that the probability of needing a generator throughout the year is about one, two times. If this is the case, hiring a generator is more beneficial than buying a new one. However, if power cuts are a frequent thing in your place, then owning one generator is ideal.
  •  How much do you and your company do depend on power? Suppose you are working in a manufacturing plant and the power suddenly goes, there is a disruption in the process of production. But, on the other hand, if you are a small office offering digital services, you are likely to lose a few hours of work if there is a power shutdown. In this case, it is ok to wait until the power connects again, because, ordering and receiving a generator would take you a few hours.
  • There is a maintenance cost with the generator. If you own it, you will have to regularly maintain its sustainability. Where else, if you happen to rent it down- you do not have to carry the burden of repairing or maintaining it.
  • Either way, investing in a backup solution for power can be expensive. Are you, or the business able to meet the cost? However, a rent cost is relatively lower than buying a brand-new machine.
  • Suppose, you a large hotel where many people plan and host events together. Let us say, the bottom floor has a party going on, while on the top floor there is a wedding ceremony- thus, as a venue partner for your event organizers, you must be able to provide backup power in case of urgency, Thus, you do not want to be held responsible for disrupting every party and the hotel residents.

However, the choice is yours. If you feel there is a greater return on investment in the long run for getting a generator– then, nothing is stopping you! 

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