Elements of Professional Corporate Signage

One of the first things a new business owner does is to come up with their brand. A company’s brand is responsible for the lasting impression customers and potential clients have with the company’s products and or services. A company with a good brand is more likely to succeed because it managed to earn the loyalty of the customers who tried their business and is able to attract more new clients because of the impression the brand had on them.

As a consumer, our decisions are sometimes affected by how a company brands their products or services. If the brand colour is visually appealing, we stop and take notice. If the tagline or the company name is funny, we laugh and we begin to be interested in what the company is offering simply because it managed to grab our attention. This is why signages are important. And if you want your business to be taken seriously, you would consider the elements necessary for a professional corporate signage.

Signage company

If you would not be designing your sign and you would want to hire a professional or an expert for that, you have to choose the appropriate signage company. Look for a signage company that would be able to provide you with the corporate window signage of your choice. This is especially if the company is used to designing hip and cool signages which could be appropriate to trendy companies or industries that are involved in more relaxed, creative and entertaining industries.

But if your business is a law firm, a financial advising enterprise or any other corporate sector, you would benefit more from a company that is experienced with designing snappier and refined signages. After choosing the signage company, make sure that you have properly conveyed to them the demographics of your target audience. Informing them of this would help them create an effective and relevant sign.


The main purpose of signage is to attract customers. If your sign is not visible, it defeats its purpose. So, a professional corporate sign that potential clients can see from a great distance is money well spent. Of course, it does not have to be gigantic for it to be visible. Just using the proper typography and colour combination would be enough for a sign to stand out and be visible despite its size.


Since you start reading this post, one or more signages that you have seen in the past keeps replaying in your head because they are memorable and have made an impact on you. The signage company has done their job because they managed to make a memorable sign that you keep on thinking of even after seeing it in the past. This is the kind of corporate signage that you want to have proudly displayed outside of your company.

Now that you know the elements of professional corporate signage, start looking for the company that could make the sign for you. But don’t leave all the work to them. Think of ways you could make the sign more visible and memorable.

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