Latest Eyewear Trends for Ladies

Eyewear for those who really need it would of course, want the eyewear to be trendy and not make them look like a grumpy slob. Wearing trendy glasses does not mean you are just following a trend or you just want to use and wear a popular style.

But since you’d be donning them all the time since you could not basically see without them, there is no harm in wearing eye-catching glasses that could refresh your whole look.Trying on trendy eyewear is trial and error. What works on others would not automatically work on you and it is better that you find what not only looks good on you but also comfortable to wear.

Cat eye frames

Cat eye frames are quirky and fun. Wearing one would give you the chance to showcase your personality and preference since the cat eye frames come in various colours and designs. Some even comes in geometric, unusual shape that could add or highlight your face’s angles.

They could be sexy, cute and contemporary. Ladies eyewear include cat eye frames that could dramatically and immediately change your whole appearance. Go for a retro black cat eye frame if you need to be professional and business looking all the time.

Clear frame glasses

If you want an eyewear that is no fuss and could be flexible to match every clothes in your closet, choose clear frame glasses. These glasses continue to be popular every year because people love how elegant they look and how they match whatever look you are trying to pull off. Whether you are dressed down and going for a chill, laidback look, the glasses would enhance your whole outfit.

Nude frame glasses

If you find clear frame glasses to be plain, you could opt instead for nude frame glasses. They are pigmented but toned down, ensuring that you would not have a hard time matching them with the clothes that you would be wearing. If you are frequently wearing monotone colours, wearing nude frame glasses would provide you with a bit of colour without going overboard.

Large round glasses

Large round glasses are recommended for those with rectangular and square shaped faces. If your face is shaped as such, you could not go wrong with round glasses. Large ones are bolder while smaller ones are more elegant.

Square lenses

Eyewear with square frames is retro and vintage looking making them a timeless choice. They are the preferred eyewear in the 70’s but since they are fashionable, they are still preferred even in the current times.

Bedazzled glasses

Now, for a glass that is more “look at me! Look at me!” and for those who are not afraid to stand out, bedazzled glasses are extra and fancy without going overboard.When choosing for your next eyewear, take your time choosing especially if its prescription since this would be a part of your daily outfit.

If you are having a hard time deciding on which one, it is recommended that you have at least two pair of glasses to avoid having to worry about living “blind” if and when something happen to your one pair.

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