Safety Tips to Keep in Mind When Riding an Electric Scooter

The use of electric scooters as an alternative means of transport has been on the rise these days. Aside from being convenient to use, it is also environment-friendly because it has zero carbon emission compared to other modes of transportation.

However, no matter how easy riding an e-scooter may look, accidents and injuries can still happen to anyone riding it. Accidental falls is the most common accident that occurs to e-scooter riders but there are still other situations that involve not just the rider but also external factors such as other vehicles on the road.

The possibility of accidents from occurring might sound daunting but there are safety measures you could do to prevent these horrible events from happening. Here are safety tips you should keep in mind when you’re riding an e-scooter.

Wear Safety Gears

Just like when riding a bike or a motorcycle, you need a good helmet when riding your e-scooter. There are times when crashing is inevitable and it’s good to have an extra layer of protection to keep your head safe when you fall. Aside from a helmet, there are still more safety gears you can add to your daily riding gear such as elbow and knee pads. Never sacrifice safety from price and choose only high-quality safety gears just like this Thousand helmet to be sure that it can take even the most serious hit.

Install Proper Lighting

One of the common issues of an e-scooter is its lighting. Mostly, the lighting they have is not that bright to light up your path properly especially at night. Lights are also important to let the other drivers know your location. You can add more lights to make your night rides safer.

Choose one with more lumens and install it on the handlebar to light your path. Be sure to tilt it slightly downwards so you won’t blind incoming vehicles with your light. If your taillights are very low and aren’t that bright, you can get a little light that could be attached to your backpack or shirt to act as secondary taillights.

Check the Scooter Regularly

Just like cars and any other rides, you need to inspect your e-scooter regularly to see if it’s still at its optimum performance. Before going out on a ride be sure to check the tire pressure is still enough, if its folding mechanism is still working smoothly, and most importantly if the brakes have a good grip.

You can check for loose screws/bolts and the state of brake discs at least twice a month or more if you’re riding on rough terrain. After purchasing your e-scooter, be sure to read the manual and know more about how to maintain and care for it properly to make it last long.

Safety should be a top priority no matter what ride you have – whether it is a car or simply an e-scooter. Always keep these things in mind to boost your e-scooter ride safety.

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