Tips to Make Working Online More Efficient and Easier

Working online may not be for everyone, but it certainly has opened up more avenues for people all around the world in regards to occupations. Here are a few tips to make working online easier and more efficient…

Invest on a Good Wi-Fi Connection

This is almost a no brainer, but we’ve always been surprised at how many people do not see this as a priority when working online. A good WIFI connection not only makes working more smooth and efficient, it is also vital when you have to have video calls with clients and perhaps even your employer. Contact the best internet provider in your area and get yourself the best package for your budget. Remember that your livelihood depends on this, so don’t be too cheap.

Find a Spot that is Distraction Free for the Duration of Your Task

This may be a little tricky, especially if you must work from home, but it certainly is not impossible. The trickiest part is finding a spot that is away from all the general chaos of your home. Then, set up an area specifically for your work, making sure it’s safe from little hands. Ensure that the table height and comfort of the chair suits you perfectly, or you’ll distract yourself trying to get comfortable. Alternatively, if it’s not a “must” for you to work from home, consider hiring a co working space Brisbane so that you “feel” like you’re going to work; making it easier for you to be more productive.

Understand Your Most Efficient Hours and Plan Your Work Accordingly

We all have a few hours of our days in which we are the most efficient. It is in those hours of the day that we’re filled with energy, and our creativity is at its peak. Use those hours wisely; it’s when you’ll get most of your work done effortlessly. However, if your most efficient hours tend to be after midnight, we strongly discourage you from working at that time; as sufficient sleep is vital for a healthy mind. Alternatively, try working early morning, starting before dawn for the same results…

Get Into Work Clothes…Even if You Work from Home

When we work in an office, we tend to dress smart and look efficient. While most people see dressing comfortably as a “pro” for working online, we believe it’s actually a “con”. The reason is simple; the more relaxed and comfortably you are in your clothing, the harder it will be for you to concentrate and work efficiently. So keep a set of “office” clothes, making sure to change into them when you’re “heading for work”. Trust us, this tip is gold.

Limit Yourself from Using Social Media While You Work

Having your social media open in a separate tab while you work is not “multitasking”; it’s actually an invitation for distractions. If you don’t use a separate laptop for work, force yourself to stay away from social media while you work. Do not “take a break” from work in it¾while you may originally plan to only do so for a few seconds, you’ll find yourself easily losing hours and while it’s true that you cannot avoid checking your emails (due to work), it’s also best having specific hours per day for doing so. This prevents you from getting distracted while checking your emails…

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